Clarke Fraser's Book: A Healthy Investment

Invest in your future health by researching your past. Clarke Fraser will help you along with the informative and readable book, Your Genealogy Affects Your Health: Know Your Family Tree

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Most genealogists do not record the important facts, like what diseases people had. Fraser tells how becoming familiar with your family's history of disease shows what steps you can take to reduce your risk of getting a close relative's particular disorder. He offers timely information on topics such as:

This Book Is A Must Read

Mildred S Christian, PhD

This book is a MUST READ! It encapsulates a wealth of knowledge in a small fascinating book. Everyone should have this authoritative concise approach to genetics on their book shelf.

Chapter 1: Genetics in a Nutshell provides an easy to understand overview of this complicated field. The descriptions of the Double Helix, the gene, the genome, and the three main ways genes can cause disease make this chapter one that should be required reading for the general public, legislators and clergy. Seldom are these complex sensitive issues so critical to research and human health so well communicated.

Chapter 2: Family Resemblances: Common and Normal Traits answers many questions we're sometimes afraid to ask. Subjects range from the amount of risk for genetic problems in children of related couples, to descriptions of the biology of eye and hair color, to the genetics of homosexuality, intelligence and longevity.

Chapter 3: Genetics of Common Physical Disorders describes genetic associations with such varied disorders as Alzheimer's, autism, bedwetting, bulimia, heart disease, diabetes, cancers, obesity, Parkinson's and restless leg syndrome.

Chapter 4: Genetics of Behavior: Normal and Abnormal addresses such complex subjects as alcoholism, attention deficit-hyperactivity, compulsiveness and suicidal behavior.

The cover provides an unexpected bonus because it features a silk quilt adaptation of Klimt's Tree of Life masterpiece by Marilyn Preus (his wife, to whom the book is dedicated), which makes the book a beautiful conversation piece to add to any coffee table.

In short, this is a book to dip into, during a spare hour or two, and to turn to when questions arise about how (and why) conditions run in families, and what this means to your family. Or just out of curiosity about how things work.

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