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On your possibilities for genetic counseling

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Clarke Fraser is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Human Genetics at McGill University, Montreal. Clarke enjoyed a long and distinguished career of research and teaching in human genetics, and helped to develop the field of genetic counseling.

He has now retired to his ancestral home in Nova Scotia. He remains available to help you with your genetic counseling needs, as he elaborates below:

As Canada’s first medical geneticist, I once spent a lot of time counselling people about the genetic conditions that run in their families. This was conducted, and paid for, in a hospital clinic.

Now that I am retired, and no longer have a license to practice medicine, I can no longer offer counselling services. But I miss the satisfaction of talking with and helping people.

I would like to continue helping people such as yourself, by providing information about the possible genetic conditions in your family. I will advise you about whether seeing a genetic counsellor would help, and suggest questions you might ask.

If you have a question about the genetics of some condition that occurs in you or your family, you are welcome to contact Clarke.
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By post:
Dr. Clarke Fraser, 81 Chute Road, Bear River, NS, B0S 1B0.

Most genealogists do not record the important facts, like what diseases people had.
Clarke Fraser's Your Genealogy Affects Your Health helps to familiarize yourself with your family's history of disease, and shows what steps you can take to reduce your risk of getting a close relative's particular disorder.

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